Thursday, September 11, 2008

Andre 3000, Benjamin Bixby FW 08

My DelState homie AMH, used to tease me (she called me preppy, like the kid on save by the bell) all the time for all the sweaters that I used to wear on campus.

I would love to hear what she has to say about
3stacks (aka. Ice Cold, Percival Jenkins) new line
You know the onewe have been eagerly awaiting
Benjamin Bixby.

In my opinion I think its fly, and very Ivy League-ish circa 1930's

That look is easy to pull off with the sweaters and all, It will be interested to see how the line progresses into the spring/summer.

Andre actually brings up a point that I am sure we will cover here many times:
Being well dressed doesn't make you gay: or does it.

Let me know what you think
leave a comment or two down below.

He debuted the Line at Barneys Sept 5th (my bday by the way) @
New York during the Mercedes Fall/Winter 08-09 fashion week

honestly I am eager to get over to Phipps and go into Barneys to see what kind of things he has.

In the mean time Listen to Dre on this Track with John Legend "Green Light"



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