Friday, September 5, 2008

Music: LL COOL J Exit 13

James Todd Smith (LL COOL J) is Hip-Hop,
so its not dead (no diss NAS)

I have not listen to this yet so I can't say much about it except I am glad to see this brother make to the Senion citizen level of rap.

Im going to give it a listen and get back to yall

If you move fast you can do the same by clicking here.

Once you give it a listen come back and lets chop it up and see if the old man still got it.

This joint is a classic: I need Love

The basics: Asics

Ok, I'll make this quick. I like these asics.

They are versitile you can were them jean and t-shirt style.

Or you can dress it up with the suit and sneaker look.

I would have rather worn the blue and grey Asics listed above with that MCQ suit

I know most people do that with either all white or all black shoes,

like Kanye West did here.

but we are not most people, we have style.

Told you I would keep it short, hit you next time.


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